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General questions
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In our opinion, at least 3 months (5 hours/day). Quality, not quantity, use as many question based resources as possible, practice makes perfect.
Yes, during work experience you come to know about different drugs and brand names naturally, without having to force unrelated drug names into your brain.
The national average pass rate for domestic US graduates for the NAPLEX exam is about 90%, whereas NAPLEX passing rate for foreign graduates is about 70%, which is about the same for the FPGEE.
Yes, you must pay special attention to brand names during your internship since most of the NAPLEX questions refer to a drug by it's brand name. In our opinion, the top 200 popular drugs should suffice.
No, you cannot use your own calculator but an on screen one is provided during the test.
The short answer is the exam is mainly comprises of Pharmacology questions with dome pharmaceutical calculation questions. For a more indepth view of questions that may come up in the NAPLEX Exam please consult our NAPLEX Exam Syllabus.
Yes, pay more attention on drugs in the following categories: Cardiology, Nervous System, Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, Diuretics.
Very selective, only very common ailments that are found in pharmacy these include coughs and cold, gastro, ocular and skin.
Do practice questions from this site, we have a specialised exam setup called "marathon", it basically tests whether you are ready to do the exam, it only gives you one try so you have to prepare as if it is the real exam.
Your scores are usually sent to your state board within 2-5 days, every state board then has it's own processing time, call them to enquire if it's been more than 7 business days since you took the test.
Yes, take it easy, if you have done your homework right and used our online resources, you will ace the exam. Relax, take the test with full stomach, cheerful face and confident mind and have a look at our NAPLEX Exam Tips. Take one of your friends or family members to accompany you to the test center, it helps. Good luck!