Silver NAPLEX Exam Questions

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Silver NAPLEX Exam Questions

Our practice exam course, enables you to access a 185 question exam written from the NAPLEX syllabus by US pharmacist. In addition you get bonus downloadable resources from the gold course.


Naplex Test Questions

Content includes:

  • Practice exam - 185 questions set out exactly like the NAPLEX(r) exam. Written by specialist US pharmacists who have taken the exam, this course covers all aspects of the exam set out by the NAPLEX syllabus. You have 4 hours and 15 minutes with a 10 minute break. When finished, your exam is marked and you will receive a break down of where you went wrong.
  • Innovative question system - questions which are graded automatically with detailed feedback.
  • Track your progress - our system allows you to view your previous attempts and compare grades with others.
  • Recommended reading - guiding you to the best resources!
  • Forums - our hugely popular subscriber forums.
  • Bonus resources - pharmacology learning resource and our premium links page.

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