Applying for the NAPLEX Exam

Interested applicants, looking to sit for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) need to take care of a number of issues in order to successfully go through the registration process. The best place to start would be to visit the NAPLEX registration bulletin on their website, where applicants can have a look at up to date detailed information about the exam. Areas covered under the registration tab include specific requirements of the entire process, making arrangements for accommodation, as well as how to know that an applicant is eligible for the test. In addition, the applicants get an opportunity to book the exam and learn about the guidelines for the actual examination day. There is also guidance on how to go about rescheduling the date for the test, should the need arise. 

Over the last few years, applicants can now get online accounts for the NABP site, allowing them to have access to their status with regard to NAPLEX as well as MPJE. For the purposes of creating a new user account, applicants are advised to have with them their Social Security Numbers, in the absence of which they are to seek help from the customer service of the NAPLEX.

Nonetheless, it is important for the applicants to familiarize themselves with the standards set by the boards of pharmacy in their respective states. This would go a long way towards ensuring that there are no mishaps. Notably, the board of pharmacists allows applicants to change their states of eligibility prior to the scheduled date for the examination, a service that is charged at fifty dollars. On the other hand, there is provision for applicants who wish to discontinue themselves from the NAPLEX examinations. Upon withdrawal, NABP provides that a percentage of the total fees charged hitherto be refunded. The applicants will, however, need to remember that such withdrawals and subsequent refunds can only be executed within the eligibility period.
All monies related to the registration exercise are payable to the NABP, which can be done online, or by sending approved checks to the board headquarters. 

Applicants are strongly advised to register for the NAPLEX through recognized bodies like Pearson VUE, or better still through other vendors that are authorized to offer registration for NAPLEX in partnership with NABP. Since the registration process is online, applicants are to check and respond to all notifications by logging in to their accounts.

We have compiled this registration process into 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Register to take the exam

You can register to take the NAPLEX online via

The fee is $465.00; effective Monday, May 10, 2010, the fee will be $485.00.

If you do not want to register online and if California is your primary state of taking the NAPLEX, you may request a scantron via e-mail to Please include your name and mailing address.

Step 2: Await Authorization to Test

The NABP will confirm your eligibility with the California Board, then mail you an authorization to test. You may not schedule your appointment to take the NAPLEX without this authorization.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment

The exam is given through Pearson VUE. For details, visit NABP Testing with Pearson VUE.

Step 4: Take the Exam

The exam is given on a computer as described in the bulletin. You will not receive your score at the testing center.

After the Exam

Your score is reported only to the NAPLEX Board, which will inform you by mail whether you passed the exam. NAPLEX results are generally mailed 14 days after you take the exam.

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