Tips for The NAPLEX

1) Relax - although the pass rate is 84% to 94%, the 20-10% who fail, usually have really good reasons for not passing ie they did not have the correct resources, they had an adverse event which affected study performance, turned up late, so make sure you are properly prepared the night before.

2) Its not as hard as you think - we have purposely made harder than the exam you are taking, to make you just that little bit more prepared. If you have passed all the NAPLEXE questions with a 80% average, should expect 90% on the actual exam.

3) Get there on time - make sure you know where you are going, check the transport you are taking online.

4) Hydration and nutrition - there are no real rules here for students, do not bring a four course meal, but do bring a bottle of non-fizzy water and a high in carbohydrate snack to keep your brain ticking over.

5) Stay for the entire exam - Stay for the full length of the exam. Even if you feel you cannot recall any more, by relaxing or waiting in the exam hall, information and details might come to mind and enable you to score additional points. On exams, every point counts.

6) Timing - for the actual exam timing is crucial make sure you read questions thoroughly and answer all questions.

7) Use your experience - by now you have probably sat over 50 exams. You know what is best and what works for you, if none of the above points have worked for you in the past leave them all out and do it the way you know best which has given you the best performance.

8) Calculations - this is one of the most important parts of the NAPLEX Exam. Remember, during the exam you will NOT be given any formulas! Alligation(Must), BSA, BMI, CrCl(dont forget to multiply by 0.85 for female), IBW, volume of distribution, elimination rate constant, NNT, ARR, millimoles, milliequivalents and milliosmoles ETC

9) Top 200 Drugs - the exam delves pretty deeply into popular drug knowledge. An important tip is to know the top 200 prescribed medicines in the US. Know their indication, dosage and main side effects.

10) Precision is everything - Since the NAPLEX is computer-adaptive, its weakness lies in how it determines your final score. You can read more about this topic in What Is the NAPLEX? -- but in a nutshell, go slowly enough to raise your accuracy to very high percentages during the first third of the exam. This strategy will raise your overall score significantly.

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