Pre-NAPLEX examination is a specially prepared test by the North American Board of Pharmacists (NABP), with the sole intent of familiarizing applicants with The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination. It brings to the attention of the applicants a structure and style of question that is correlated, giving the students a glimpse of what to expect in the actual examination.


Registration: The procedure of registering for Pre-NAPLEX examination is online, and is provided for on the NABP website. All an applicant has to do is to visit the site, and go to the icon on 'Pre-NAPLEX Registration'. The system will guide you from one step to another as you key in your personal details. Upon successful registration, applicants should feel free to sit for the exam at their convenience, in terms of time and location. All the applicants would need is access to a computer and stable internet connectivity, log in to the system and proceed with the exam. Should need arise, each applicant has an opportunity to register for the exam and attempt the questions 

  • Exam Format: Although the exam questions are similar in structure to those in the actual examination, Pre-NAPLEX is not as long. As a matter of fact, it only comprises of fifty questions (our Gold Course has over 1,000!), which are allocated a maximum of one hour and ten minutes. As applicants go through the tests, they ought to remember that the rule is the same- upon commencing the test one must attempt all questions and that it is not possible to revisit previous questions or even execute the intent to change some or all of the answers. Although this is not the final exam, it is important that applicants take it very seriously, especially because the modalities applied in preparing it are a replica of those applied NAPLEX. Similarly, the scores obtained by applicants here are to a very good measure indicative of their performance in the real exam, reflecting on their areas of strength and weakness. As a result, the primary objective of Pre-NAPLEX would be achieved, if in the end, the applicants will take the assessment with the seriousness it deserves in forging the way forward. 
  • Availability of Scores: As opposed to the NAPLEX results that take two business days, these ones are readily available, upon finishing the Pre-NAPLEX.
  • Conclusion: Schools and colleges can facilitate the sitting of Pre-NAPLEX examinations for their classes, to assess them as a group in one sitting, under invigilation by the school management. NABP has a special discount at ten percent for institutions buying lots of vouchers for the exam. Emphasis should be laid on the fact that questions for Pre-NAPLEX are obtained from past examinations.

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