The day before NAPLEX

Here are few tips that our members have provided us with to make sure you pass the NAPLEX first time:

  • Keep calm, carry on - do not worry about the exam if you are a US graduate you have at least an 84% chance of passing on your first attempt. If you are a foreign graduate it is a lot less so make sure you are prepared.
  • Use flash cards - make sure you have your flashcards handy so that you can refresh your knowledge when needed. Our online course has bespoke recommendations for NAPLEX flashcards to help you along.
  • Get to sleep early - make sure you get enough sleep, but don't go too early otherwise you will be tossing and turning.
  • Take regular breaks - intensively studying non-stop has been shown to actually decrease NAPLEX exam performance. The best way is to do bite-size revisions sessions, stop for 10 minutes and then carry on, remember you are not a machine!
  • Use flow charts - it would be difficult to review all the information needed for the exam in one go. If you use flowcharts, you can quickly access a generalised summary of the key topics you need to know, without overburdening yourself.
  • Prepare to feel unprepared - people who take standardized tests often feel remorse and regret during the last few days before the test: "Why didn't I study more?" "I don't think I'm ready ... maybe I should postpone." Don't fall into this trap. Instead, remind yourself that you're a capable candidate who performed well during pharmacy school. Your improved confidence will raise your score.

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 6:24 AM